Residential Landscape Installation

We follow Colorado State University and Denver Botanic Gardens recommendations on all of our landscape installments. We use the best plant materials found in the Front Range along with our own mixture of amended topsoil (70% topsoil & 30% Biocomp compost) that provides the correct soil pH, drainage, and long-term plant and lawn health. Our goal is not to just install a landscape; we want to see it grow for years to come.

GreenSpace has been installing landscapes for over 30 years. Our core employees have been working together for decades. We excel in outdoor living room installations, outdoor kitchens, built-in barbecues, water features, fire features, shade structures, hardscapes, and green space design.

Every good landscape installation starts with a good design. It is essential not to skip the design process, as we use this process to work out all of the clients needs, bid the project, and is later used in the field to install the project. GreenSpace will not install any landscapes with out a design on paper. This process is also not free. If another company told you they would give you a free design, I have news for you: there is no such thing as a free design. The price always shows up somewhere. We are upfront about our design fees and design process. If you would like a quote for your landscape design, we would love to work with you! We do not compromise our high-quality work in order to give you a low price. If you're looking for the cheapest landscape possible, you're looking at the wrong company. High-quality work is not cheap, and cheap work is not high-quality.

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