Professional Sprinkler Services

Professional Sprinkler Services

$230 + Material per Call

Our elite sprinkler techs will travel to your home or business and bring many of the common sprinkler parts you may need. We can typically get a tech to your door the same day. Two hours is generally enough for most sprinkler needs, including:

  • Repair multiple sprinkler heads
  • Fix a broken backflow
  • Replace a sprinkler timer
  • Blow out a full system

If your job needs more than 2 hours, we charge $90 per technician/per hour. Additional time may be needed for the following services:

  • Find & repair pinched lines due to tree roots. Mature tree roots can grow around sprinkler pipe and restrict water flow. These can be quite difficult to detect and may require running a new line.
  • Add a zone. If there are too many sprinkler heads or gallons per minute (GPM) on a particular zone node, the heads may not work properly. This requires adding a valve and splitting the zone to repair.
  • Replace a sprinkler system. When your system has reached its end of life, it may need to be wholly replaced. For instance, original poly pipe installed in the 60's tends to become brittle and may split with age. When that time comes, GreenSpace Inc. can install a full new system.